Review of Cold Coast Morib Resort

Review of Cold Coast Morib Resort

Here is how I find Gold Coast Morib Resort from my last stay,

Food at Gold Coast Morib Resort

I am a food lover, so lets talk about the food first. Well, the breakfast is classic and no surprise. Since it comes with the package, I tell my self to concentrate on the environment and the atmosphere rather than the food quality although it isn’t that bad…just no surprise. Overall, I do like the cozy place to have the breakfast since I sat near the window where I have a good panaromic view of the sea side.

There isn’t many choices for lunch and dinner in Gold Coast Morib Resort. However, the food quality is 4 star to me and the price is reasonable. However, I should think that Gold Coast Morib Resort should improve on the serving time. It takes a little long time than average to serve the food. Since our stay is not during the peak season, so the restaurant isn’t pack with people. I would think that the restaurant would definitely be crowded during the peak season because it is not that spacious. You can also explore other options outside of the Gold Coast Morib Resort. I would plan to do that next time I visit this place again.

Apartment at Gold Coast Morib Resort

I like the room a lot. We have nice panaromic beach view from high floor. The room is clean and well kept, not to mention it is spacious too. The balinese style interior design would definitely increase the relaxation atmosphere and holiday mood. I would give an A+ for the price.


Things to Enjoy at Gold Coast Morib Resort

Not to mentioned the beach is clean and nice. There are many nice views along the seaside. Don’t miss to have few cups of beer at the Bar just right at the beach front.

The Water Theme Park is opened from 9 am to 7pm for family with kids. You would definitely need to spend at least few hours in the theme park as there are many facilities to play around.


 Overall Rating to Gold Coast Morib

My overall rating to the Gold Coast Morib Resort is 4.5 star for the price. It is a good place to visit because basically it has met the most 3 important criteria for short term family holiday that is: 1. Reasonable price; 2. All rounded entertainments 3. Location with about an hour drive if you are staying at Kuala Lumpur. Click here to see more reviews.